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New Boyz Squarebody Rescue

Clip, Alarm Switch Retainer Part# 7830375

Clip, Alarm Switch Retainer Part# 7830375

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Clip, Alarm Switch Retainer Clip Part# 7830375. This is the clip that retains the Ignition Key Warning Alarm Switch. This is a used item. This item is specific to the 1984 to 1991 non-tilt automatic and non-tilt floor shift columns.

These are sold individually. Item is used OEM that has been cleaned and any rust chemically removed. Item pictured might not be item shipped. Item shipped will be in same condition as item pictured. Being this is a conditional item if you’d like to see photos of product being sent prior to purchasing please feel free contact us directly. Email or message the page if you have any questions please call, message or email us.

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