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New Boyz Squarebody Rescue

Crossmember, Rear C1 2 & K1 2 (Solid Design)

Crossmember, Rear C1 2 & K1 2 (Solid Design)

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Crossmember, Rear C1 2 & K1 2 (Solid Design), this is the rear, most crossmember that is by the rear bumper. This is used for trucks without rear fuel tank. This was removed from a late 70s K 10 truck. This crossmember is in very good condition has no scaly rust. All mounting holes and areas are near perfect condition. Very nice unit. Crossmember does have leftover undercoating and some rust color, but not rusted. Please verify yours looks similar to the one pictured prior to purchasing multiple designs and configurations throughout Square Body Years. Item pictured is item shipped for fitment questions. Please email or contact us directly.

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