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New Boyz Squarebody Rescue

Air Conditioning AC / Heater Vacuum Lines 1983 -1984

Air Conditioning AC / Heater Vacuum Lines 1983 -1984

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OEM Used AC / Heater Box Vacuum Hose feed for vacuum diaphragms. This is the vacuum hose that has the 5 ports to feed needed vacuum to the different blend doors on your Square. The port for engine vacuum is complete and not damaged.


This item is in perfect condition to our knowledge other than the engine supply side. Please refer to pictures.All ends are in great condition. Basically ready to use after a few small repairs are made. This is used with the tin actuators and not the plastic actuators. This would be for the small ports. We have that one listed as well.



Please visit our eBay store for any other items you might need. If you don’t see needed feel free to reach out to. We have a large inventory of Squarebody items. We do not offer a return for any reasons. Please verify part is part you need. If uncertain reach out to us prior to purchasing.


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